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Brixton Backland, London

RIBA Stage: 0 - 3 (Design)

Project Value: £600,000

Sector: Residential, Developer

Backland development plots are sites that sit behind an established building line of existing housing or other development. The area may have been reclaimed from existing plots or have been previously used as storage sheds or or garages. This plot of land was the latter, and in an area of London where property prices were rising rapidly, the owner wanted to maximise the value of that land.

Often the challenge with these sites is that they are overlooked on one or more sides and so the architecture needs to inventive and creative in order to avoid issues with privacy and overlooking.

Our solution here was to create a bespoke single house type that is mirrored for efficiency, with the houses looking inward toward their own internal garden, rather than outward across neighbouring gardens. The treatment of the elevations reflects that dual approach, with robust monolithic brickwork on the outward facing elevations, but much more open and glazed treatment on the inner courtyard facing elements.

The result is a contemporary design which creates peaceful and tranquil spaces where you would least expect it.