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Pragmatic and Personal. With over 15 years’ experience in Architecture.



Pragmatic and Personal. These words define ENA and our approach to design and collaboration with our homeowner and property developer clients. With over 15 years’ experience in Architecture, we have seen that high-quality design is born out of an honest dialogue between client and architect where both parties trust the other and leave ego at the door.

When we design buildings, we ensure that the aesthetic appeal is a consequence of the building’s functionality and so create a space where function is prioritized over frippery.

ENA believe in designing bespoke spaces tailored to our clients’ specific requirements, and that it is essential to listen to our clients’ vision to create meaningful spaces, buildings and homes.


We understand that the buildings and spaces that we design affect people’s lives and wellbeing. By putting the users, occupiers and passer-by at the heart of the process we ensure that we create places that people want to be in, and enjoy living and working in.

When we design, we immerse ourselves in the building and ‘live’ in the spaces we create. We identify issues and develop the design with the quality of life of the occupant at the forefront of our mind.


ENA work with homeowners to refurbish, redesign and extend their properties to improve their quality of life as well as the value of their home. Understanding our clients’ needs and requirements is our primary focus. We work with diligence and pragmatism to bring their aspirations to life.

We also work with property developers who benefit from our efficiency and experience to maximize the development potential of their investments. We understand that to deliver favourable returns one must deliver a high-quality product, and ENA firmly believe that good quality design and buildings promoting light, space, health & wellbeing generate higher values and a more desirable product.


I wasn't sure I needed an architect for our refurbishment but Chris certainly proved his worth. His detailed specification of the work for the tender document ensured that there weren't too many additions as we went along, and kept the job within budget. Chris has a great eye for detail, and gave us excellent advice on the finishes - we are delighted with the end result.