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Considered Design, Meaningful Impact.

These words define ENA and our approach to design and collaboration with our homeowner, property developer and local authority clients. With 20 years experience in Architectural design, we have seen that high-quality design is born out of an honest dialogue between client and architect where both parties trust the other and leave ego at the door.

These words from the basis of ENA's core values, which help guide and define our approach to design, relationships with our clients, and the impact on our environment.


  • Always strive for the highest standard. We signpost the hurdles and keep the journey on track.
  • Every project is different. We create personalised solutions to unique challenges.
  • Listen, always. Respond, always.
  • Know when to do more, and when less is best.


  • Be a wave of creativity but never forget our client needs.
  • Be adventurous. Embrace ideas, innovation and collaboration.
  • Efficiency, clarity, space & light create healthier and happier environments.
  • Adaptable, always. Know when to let go of a design or idea.


  • Be generous with your time, experience, knowledge and connections.
  • Transparent communication builds better relationships.
  • Our values are important to us and we respect yours too.
  • Failure leads to growth so be brave and take risks. Remain positive and remember how far you have come.


  • Leave it better than you found it - no matter how small, it matters.
  • Have fun & take care of each other - That means ourselves, our clients, our team, our community and our environment.
  • We believe in growth and help our team achieve it. We invest in the whole person.
  • Be kind

We are mindful in our approach to design and the impact our designs have on the environment. We believe that truly sustainable architecture begins by working with existing buildings and avoiding the need for unnecessary demolition. We employ a 'fabric first' approach which ensures that the building envelope is highly insulated, achieve high levels of air tightness and focus on using sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.


We understand that the buildings and spaces that we design affect people’s lives and wellbeing. By putting the users, occupiers and passer-by at the heart of the process we ensure that we create places that people want to be in, and enjoy living and working in.

We always produce multiple concepts at the feasibility stage and use a range of architectural graphics to communicate our ideas. These include 3d architectural rendering, material boards, interior design visuals and hand sketches. This range of architectural drawings allows us to clearly communicate our ideas and vision to our clients whilst developing the design.


EN Architects work with homeowners to refurbish, redesign and extend their properties to improve their quality of life as well as the value of their home. Understanding our clients’ needs and requirements is our primary focus. We work with diligence and pragmatism to bring their aspirations to life.

We also work with property developers who benefit from our efficiency and experience to maximise the development potential of their investments. We understand that to deliver favourable returns one must deliver a high-quality product, and EN Architects firmly believe that good quality design and buildings promoting light, space, health & wellbeing are more commercially viable often generating higher values at the point of rental/sale.

We work on a number of projects with local authorities such as community spaces, affordable housing and care & respite facilities. We are familiar with the various challenges facing local councils and we are experienced in dealing with projects where a single coordinated design-led approach is required to satisfy multiple stakeholders and distil varied ideas intro a single scheme.

Chris - Director & Founder


Architect & Director

I graduated from Northumbria University in 2002, and went on to study my post graduate diplomas at Greenwich and Brighton Universities.

Having worked in several architectural practices over the years I have a varied range of experience including private, developer and local housing, community projects, healthcare and respite, commercial, retail and mixed-use developments. I have developed a clear sense of the importance that our profession holds, and how it is essential to be able to clearly communicate the often complicated design and logistical process to our clients in a way that is considerate and concise.

When I set up EN Architects I wanted to ensure that we were different. Of course it is important that we design beautiful, bespoke spaces using considered and natural materials, but also that we focus on the clients needs, include them in the design process and consider their experience throughout.

We believe that it is important that architecture gives back, and we work with charities to offer our services so that we can give maximum value to those who need it most.


Part 2 Architectural Assistant.

Creativity and pragmatism are core values to me, and ultimately led me to pursuing Architecture. My pre-graduate education was largely consumed by art and design courses, which culminated in a year's study in Mechanical Engineering. I wanted to determine where I sat with regard to creativity vs technical, and I chose to continue to study Architecture as the perfect combination of my diverse skills.

Within undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I generated a specific interest in how buildings create spaces both internally and externally. How each project has a responsibility to deliver to the client, which predominantly focuses on the spaces within a structure, and yet this structure speaks externally to all those whose project it is not. I am equally interested in the values people hold for conserving, adapting, re-building, and building anew. How architectural spaces must inevitably evolve, yet retain an identity, a nod to the history and memories of the place in doing so. Within these broad interests, I always strive to focus on humanism with architecture, which I researched in my undergraduate dissertation. How spaces feel, in terms of light, material quality, proportion, and their connection to the outside. Architecture is always a process of zooming in and out, throughout the development of any project, as we interact with the outcome on so many levels.

As an Undergraduate I achieved the highest design portfolio mark in my final year, with the university awarding me a prize for my dissertation, and nominating me as their undergraduate entry for the AJ Student Prize 2019.

As a Postgraduate I achieved joint highest design portfolio mark in my final year, was the university's joint nominee for the RIBA Silver Medal 2022, and Joint Winner of Will+Partners MArch Prize 2022.

Architecture is exponential, which makes it fascinating; designing within an ever evolving context. My hope is that I will never feel stagnant within Architecture, as every project is unique, a new challenge, something I look forward to.

Outside of work hours, I spend a lot of my time exploring the South Downs and getting creative away from the computer in pottery, crochet, painting the list goes on!



Working with Chris at EN Architects as an interior designer has been an absolute pleasure. The team's commitment to blending design aesthetics with functionality, attention to detail, and open collaboration has consistently resulted in outstanding projects. Our partnership has been a seamless experience, from the initial brainstorming sessions to the final touches on each project. Their innovative approach makes them a top choice, and I eagerly anticipate our future collaborations. Would absolutely recommend them and will continue to!